A little survey to respond to (please), and A good resource to use for our kids…

First things FIRST: (in)courage has asked us to ask you to take a little survey on how you are enjoying the first session of (in)courage communities! You can help here! Your opinions matter!! We welcome honest and open feedback!! 🙂

Now for some other good stuff!! 

In today’s (in)courage blog, writer Robin Dance shared a GREAT article on “The difference between asking how I can pray for you and praying for you”. It’s a quick read, and very timely, as we all know global workers that come back home for the holidays. 

Inside her article, she highlights a tool that she has used to pray for her college age kids that’s GREAT. I suggest that we pray these things while our kids are in High School!! Just like we pray for their spouses while our kids are still infants, it’s beneficial to pray for their future room mates, and people that will influence our kids’ behaviors in the future. We can still pray for some of these things after our kids have left the nest already. (She gives credits and permission to share in her post, so that’s why I’m sharing here!)

You can find the link to the blog with the prayer list here.

I just thought that these things might encourage you, as we have kids returning from college for the holidays (I’m praying with you and FOR you!!), and family all gathers together. Let’s take time to seize the moment, and pray WITH someone as the Holy Spirit leads, and not just “say” we will pray….

Grace and peace,


ps- Just a reminder that we’ll all be busy with the hustle and bustle of Christmas, so posting here will not be as frequent as in the past. As always, we’re here for you – so feel free to email us at relativelyemptynesting@gmail.com or facebook us with any prayer requests that need attention.  (in)courage will hold “open enrollment” again in February, so be sure to stay tuned to (in)courage posts on joining communities, and if you want to jump in on the facebook action, that will be the time when you can sign up to join our PRIVATE group there! 


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